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Offset And Digital Printing Services

Digital printing is a way of printing from an electronic-based digital image directly onto a variety of substrates. It generally refers to large-scale professional printing where printing jobs from desktop printing and other digital sources have been printed by large-scale and/or higher-quality ink jet and laser printers. These days, a lot of print shop and printing houses use the services of Texas print shop that offers quality digital printing attention garbing marketing material in various design variants. Below are some of the common uses of digital printing:

Promotional Prints: Promotional prints have always been in the forefront of the printing industry. Every company indulged in promotional print marketing with the help of the latest digital printing machines that print glossy and sophisticated designs on different substrates like fabrics, paper etc. This is one of the most popular printing strategies used in promoting new products and services in retail environment. Using digital printing machines, companies can create elegant designs and eye-catching messages that sparkle off the imagination of the people and draw them towards their respective stores.

Offset printing: Some of the latest machines in the market today use variable data printing as their base. This feature enables the printer to print directly from the digital printing machine on a variety of materials like vinyl, canvas, fabric, book paper, and more. Such machines usually come with various printing options like variable data printing, dye sublimation, and CMYK. These are variable data printing technologies that allow for varying output qualities that can be easily adjusted according to the requirements of the client.

Digital Proofing: Another popular printing technology is digital proofing. This technique enables companies to digitally print high quality images directly onto various substrates. Different types of substrates are available for digital printing, which include vinyl, fibre board, canvas, board, terrazzo, and more. The image is transferred to the right type of substrate using the appropriate dyes and other additives.

Large Runs: The term ‘large runs’ is generally associated with large scale projects. The biggest benefit of using offset printing technology is that you can produce large runs of printed materials for a low cost. The materials produced can range from several thousand pieces to millions of pieces. This cost benefit of offset printing helps the company to run a profitable business. The printing company does not need to set up an elaborate printing operation as it only needs to invest in printing equipment, chemicals, and skilled employees.

The printing process is carried out using traditional offset and digital printing presses. It involves heavy investment by the printer owner, but it offers tremendous long term benefits. Apart from being cost effective, it also offers high quality prints. The printers working together leverage their combined capabilities to give you best results. It saves you time, money, and labor.